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10 Simple Tips to Boost Productivity When You Work From Home

While working from home has become more prevalent in recent years, it has boomed in popularity in recent months especially. However, for most of the employees who have never worked from home in their past careers, it would be challenging to adopt new changes in their work conditions. For a technical approach to make it […]
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Using Drools as an Integrated Business Rules Management System Solution

Introduction A few claim that the reason software applications exist today is due to the rules of business. And, as business applications become more robust and sophisticated, consideration of how the program handles them is becoming more critical. Moreover, it usually translates into higher production costs, longer cycles, and more updates and deployments as market […]
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Why You Need a Cancellation Policy and How to Create One

Sometimes people cancel their appointments or simply don’t show up. This is something you cannot avoid.  When people have nothing to lose, they can skip appointments freely. Maybe there is a serious reason or they just are not in the mood to go out. Or maybe they booked multiple appointments with different providers hoping to […]
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What Are the Steps in the Disciplinary Process?

Under what conditions can an employee be disciplined? Which disciplinary action forms should establish the fact of a disciplinary offense? From which day is the one-month deadline for disciplinary action calculated? What is the difference between incentive measures and bonuses, which are part of a salary? How can a disciplinary action form help you? Three […]
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Seeking Integrity Through Pre-Employment Tests

Employees come with intrinsic qualities, skills, and styles. Some naturally mesh better with an organization than others. We need fortitude, for example, in start-ups where hurdles and long hours are the norms. We desire problem-solvers to help smooth the way when something new is required. We may seek those who challenge ideas and push a […]
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How to Maximize Your Employees’ Downtime

How to Maximize Your Employees’ Downtime Every business has its slow times. Some are seasonal, and some employee downtime occurs daily. Employees are valuable assets, so using them to improve the quality of your business productivity is essential. A quiet day in a restaurant, for example, watching employees lean on the back counters and chat, […]
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How to Kickstart Your Property Portfolio

Investing in property continues to be a viable option for the majority of people, and successful investors can make a start to make high returns on buy-to-let properties consistently from the moment they begin their portfolio. The problem is, however, that many people are unaware of how to get started in the rental and property […]
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Top 7 Tools to Build Remote Work Culture

Ever since the global pandemic hit us, we’ve all shifted to working from home. While the remote work culture wasn’t popular a few years back, we have become more than used to it.  The remote work culture has become a full-time opportunity at the moment. This is a huge opportunity for people to be more […]
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6 Important Hiring Updates for Virtual Jobs

In recent years, many US businesses have taken a shine to virtual staffing. Virtual employees help organizations reduce operational costs and obtain greater operational efficiency as well as productivity. With digitization on the rise, remote work has become the new normal. While offices are adapting to the new normal in many aspects, there’s one area […]
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