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3 Ways to Collect Quality Contacts Base for Blogger Outreach

You published five posts in February, zero in March, three in April. Does it sound like a proper guest blogging strategy? Well, clearly it doesn’t. The main idea of guest blogging is consistency and regularity. Since there are so many other bloggers and services, you risk being forgotten too soon because of such gaps. If […]
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6 Psychology Aspects You Should Know to Make Effective Marketing Strategy

With the increasing use of advanced marketing strategies and smart modes of internet marketing such as SEO and email marketing. One might be tempted to say that marketing has become easier and more effective. On the contrary, effective and productive marketing is now more challenging than ever before. In fact, as of 2018, 40% of […]
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SMS Marketing – Not a Thing of the Past!

Do you delve into the online marketing domain? If yes, then you would have a good idea about social media, SEO as well as backlink building. You might also be very well conversant in a couple of terms, such as anchor text, SERP as well as the domain authority. Also, you might be a little […]
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Who Works for You Matters: How to Staff These 3 Departments Effectively

  People Talking in Cafe– stock image Building the right staff can be the difference between a company being a long-term success and a company fizzling out in a few years. The trick is having to replace people who were once valuable when they leave for other opportunities or are looking for a career change. Retaining […]
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6 Ways to Manage Your Facebook Marketing More Effectively

Facebook is so big and has been so well developed it would be foolish not to market there at least a little. At the same time, we’d rather not spend all of our marketing time there, now would we? And that is easy to do – particularly if you’re not all that sure what you’re […]
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7 Skills That Looks Awesome on Your Marketing Resume

In recent years, we have seen fast growth in marketing-related jobs. Marketing roles are more important than ever to every company and industry, especially in business and technology. Many young professionals who enjoy creativity and promoting new ideas are all drawn to various marketing careers.  From social media marketing to marketing analysts, there are many types […]
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How to Develop a Flexible SEO Strategy for Businesses

If you’re an SEO analyst or strategist, you need to have your eyes and ears open to the changes in the digital landscape. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to SEO, and you need to be ready for the changes to ensure fulfillment for your clients goes smoothly.   Along with these SEO […]
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How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Seo in 2019

  You might be wondering… what is email marketing in SEO? What is the relationship between email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)? Email marketing has no direct impact on SEO because emails are not indexed or ranked by Google. And because emails are used typically to increase open rates and click-through-rates (CTR), some marketers […]
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