Having a difficult quarter? Struggling to get your company off the ground? If you can improve your sales, you can improve anything. This content is designed to help you get moving, get growing and stop stagnating. There is always something new to learn about becoming more efficient at closing sales. The thought-leaders on TYB are here to give you their wisdom, based on first-hand experience closing critical sales and growing their company.

The advantages of product customization in eCommerce

You’ve certainly heard about product customization and you already know that it’s important. But do you know how to put it into practice? That’s where product configurators jump in! Instead of creating personalized products and experiences for the customers, why not let them create their own unique products? In this article, you’ll learn more about […]
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4 Strong Lead Generation Strategies for Quick Results

So you’ve set up your business, your website is ready, and your product has been launched too. And it’s a great one with brilliant features that can instantly make people’s lives easier. You’ve wrapped it up in a nice little package. And to ensure that it hits the market with a bang, you offer a […]
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Lead Generation Process for New Marketers (in 9 Steps)

Whoever did a critical job getting new customers on board must know how hard the lead generation process is. Because it’s a key component of your business to drive more sales, you are not at liberty to ignore it and expect something phenomenal. You can relax. The lead generation process isn’t a one-off job, and […]
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5 Tips For Creating A Killer Software Sales Demo

So you’ve worked very hard on your website content, marketing and sales funnel, and now a sales lead has asked you to demo your software. What now?!? You need to be able to deliver exactly what your prospective client needs to alleviate their pain points, yet still maintain a consistent enough story arc that you […]
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What Can A Lead Generation Service Do for You?

Outsourcing doesn’t seem to lose its position, with more than ⅓ of small businesses (37%) currently outsourcing a business process. And the main reason (59%) is the opportunity to reduce business expenses. Marketing is one of the popular parts of the business to be outsourced, and B2B businesses prefer to sell their products/services via lead […]
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Step-By Step Guide to Calculating Markup Percentage

Business owners and individuals have the opportunity to make more profit by using the markup. The large markup will make a great profit on the sale of products. You can understand how to calculate markup by using the markup formula. You can easily find the markup on products and services by using this formula. You […]
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8 Best Qualities of Successful Sales Managers

Sales managers have great responsibilities for a company. Starting from building a high-performing sales team to meeting customer needs, and generating company revenue, they are overburdened with long to-do-lists.  Indeed, it is not an easy task, and not everyone fits into the role. This is why not all sales managers can taste success. Those who […]
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How to Identify Your Perfect Customer?

Let’s face it. The offer you put on the table may not be suitable for everyone sitting there. People have unique tastes, likes and dislikes, demands, and needs of the hour. It is up to you as an entrepreneur to figure out who your ideal buyer is. Why is this even important? Look at it […]
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Out With the Old, In With the New: Rethinking Your Sales Framework

Every year, it happens the same way. You check your calendar one day and realize that Q3 is nearly over. The year has flown by, and it’s already time to start setting sales goals for next year. The task of regularly reviewing and revising your sales plan is critical. Looking ahead to next year, the routine […]
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When Sales Slow Down, How Will You Respond?

The COVID-19 pandemic has left businesses in flux, with a handful thriving because they conveniently deliver critical services, and others struggling under strained supply chains, shutdowns, and a sagging economy. Despite these challenges, though, businesses stuck on the slow side can still find ways to thrive, even as infection numbers rise again. By approaching the […]
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